Armory Hotel Bozeman

How do you put a modern spin on the Wild West?

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Take a new approach to a storied past.

Kimpton approached us with a comprehensive brand building exercise for the new Armory Hotel in Bozeman, Montana. Located in the landmark Armory Building, the new hotel needed to leverage the unique history and inspired vision of its architect, Fred Willson, and update this story for a modern audience. Crucially, our work needed to deliver a distinct sense of place not only for the property, but also for the three food, beverage and entertainment outlets that it housed. Collaborating closely with Kimpton’s creative team, we built a complete strategy and identity system for all outlets. Our work extended from brand positioning to naming, logo and collateral designs.

  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design
  • Naming
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Fielding’s Restaurant

Eat at the Armory Hotel

With the Armory Hotel's three-meal restaurant, Kimpton sought to create a welcoming, highly personal space that put an individual twist on local character. We began with the name: Fielding's, after the middle name of the building's architect, Fred Fielding Willson. Building off of our logo mark, the identity and collateral system blended modern simplicity with handcrafted expression.

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Tune Up Bar

Late Night at the Armory Hotel

For the Armory Hotel's basement bar and live music venue, they wanted to design a space that felt fun, exciting and even a little rowdy—in an unexpected way. We began with the name, "Tune Up," that set the tone with musical reference and a rock-and-roll feel. From there, we built an identity and collateral system that blended musical queues with characterful hand-worked touches.

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Sky Shed Bar

Elevate at the Armory Hotel

With the Armory Hotel's rooftop bar, Kimpton wanted to create a sleek, one-of-a kind venue for year-round enjoyment. Drawing the name from its unique, winter-proofed structure, the Sky Shed announced its difference. Inspired by the bar's modern approach to the out-of-doors, we created an identity and collateral system that pays homage to the view with airy minimalism.

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